Odor-Solve is a custom-made air filter system designed for wastewater collection systems. Odor-solve is not a masking agent, it is designed to eliminate H2S and other sewer gases at levels as high as 2500 ppm.  The lingering odors from wastewater are a serious problem for water treatment organizations.  Now you can eliminate H2S and other sewer gas odors immediately with Odor-Solve Filter Systems.

Odor-Solve is a custom designed filter system that combines the power of a patently developed solution with a uniquely designed filter component attached to the location where the odor is being released to the environment.   Micro-Solve® conditions grease, releasing nutrients, allowing microorganisms to strengthen, multiply and thrive.

Odor-Solve has been a leader in odor treatment solutions for over ten years. Odor-Solve filter units are custom fitted with two pumps, two fans, filter material and a 55-gallon drum.  The first pump pulls Odor-Solve from the drum and sprays it onto the filter material consistently throughout the day.  The first fan pushes clean air into the lift station.  The second fan, attached to the Odor-Solve filter pulls the sewer gas odor through the filter. As the gases pass through the Odor-Solve saturated filter, they are neutralized and completely eliminated.  The excess chemical flows back into the drum along with sewer gas residue created from the eliminated gases.  When the drum of Odor-Solve is inactive, the second pump is connected to the 55-gallon drum. This pump will now quickly remove the odor residue from the drum and flush the harmless material down your lift station.

An Odor-Solve filter unit works best when used with Micro-Solve®. Using Micro-Solve® upstream, at the root of the problem to clean gas producing grease in the collection lines will reduce the amount of Odor-Solve needed.  Each Odor-Solve drum lasts between one and four months depending on the amount of hydrogen sulfide gas present. Odor-Solve filter units can eliminate dangerous and smelly hydrogen sulfide levels as high as 2000 parts per million.  This is the highest level tested which means that Odor-Solve will work at even higher levels.

H2S generation in sewers is a function of three distinct biological slime layers: one aerobic zone and two anaerobic zones.  The layer closest to the wall is an inert layer. The layer separating the aerobic and the inert layer is the anaerobic sulfide producing area. Sulfide is produced in this layer from anaerobic decomposition but is oxidized to sulfate in the aerobic layer prior to expulsion in the liquid flow.  If oxygen is low, the oxidization process does not happen and the Sulfide is expelled as H2S, Hydrogen Sulfide.

Treating wastewater odors can be a costly, time consuming hazardous and stinky job, but now you can immediately and cost-effectively remove foul odors from your wastewater treatment.

Enjoy clean air with Odor-Solve Filter Systems!