LDL™ Valve Plug

Valve Plug


The LDL™ Valve Plug was designed to prevent sand/soil and debris from entering the lower section of a Valve Box and covering the Operation Nut. Sand inhibits the ability of the valve to be operated properly, safely and in some cases, quickly due to emergency situations. LDL™ Valve Plug is designed to fit Standard 5.25” three-part valve boxes as well as PVC boxes. The Plug is made from 100% silicone using 316 stainless steel hardware along with PVC supports which prevent the plug from falling in.


Installation is as easy as removing the valve box lid and then placing the plug just a matter of inches below the lid on the joint that connects the upper and lower part of the valve box. Apply a little downward pressure and the plug will sit into position. To remove, just apply upward pull and it will unseat.

We can install the LDL Plug Valve or it can be sold directly. The LDL Valve plug comes in four colors:

  • Green (Sewer Valves)
  • Blue (Water Valves)
  • Purple (Re-use Valves)
  • Red (Hydrant Valves)
  • Black (Abandoned)
  • Yellow (Gas)

Customizable top plate with size of valve indicating 6″, 8″, 10″ or 12″.

Download the LDL Valve Plug Technical Sheet