Grease & Odor Bioremediation

Micro-Solve® is a 100% biodegradable, uniquely formulated blend of organic ingredients specifically designed to accelerate bacterial growth.  After more than twenty years of research and development, Micro-Solve® is the optimum biostimulant and preventative grease and odor solution for wastewater treatment.

Micro-Solve® is not bacteria, an enzyme or a quick-fix Drano-like emulsifier.  Micro-Solve® is a proactive approach to control grease build-up, high BOD, high TSS, high organic nitrogen compounds such as ammonia and nitrates, high organic loadings or a combination of all the above.  This product reduces solids, sludge, S.S.O., and B.O.D. levels.  Micro-Solve® also promotes F.O.G. remediation and continues to do so through preventative maintenance.

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Micro-Solve® will make hard grease soluble, releasing proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and oxygen, becoming food for, and increasing the facultative bacteria already living in the system. In order for the bacteria to work effectively, they must first survive in their environment.  Secondly, these bacteria must be present in sufficient numbers to efficiently digest the “food” present.  Finally, the food must be in a form that is easily assimilated by the bacteria. Logically, the best way to digest this “food” is to use the aerobic and anaerobic bacteria already present in the waste stream.  These bacteria have already shown an ability to survive in their own natural habitat.  This accelerates the bioremediation process and decreases the grease. This means fewer problems associated with grease such as odor, overflows and hazardous situations for your workers and the community.

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Micro-Solve® can be used in lift stations, collection systems, wastewater treatment plants, grease traps, septic tanks, digesters, clarifiers, hog farms, chicken ranches, slaughterhouses, hotels, school districts, convention centers, restaurants, and anywhere solids and grease accumulate.  Micro-Solve® takes time and must be applied weekly. Micro-Solve® can be applied easily with a small peristaltic pump. Micro-Solve® mists over the thick solid grease area daily or can be manually poured into the problem area.  Micro-Solve® will travel through the water system, all the way to the treatment plant and WILL NOT RE-SOLIDIFY downstream.  The result is clean water back into our environment.

Schools, restaurants, apartment complexes, and food processing plants can all contribute to the grease collection on the walls of the wastewater system, eventually clogging the lines and overflowing homes, schools and neighborhoods. This can be very hazardous for workers and people in the community.  Your organization will see savings in O&M such as equipment repair, risk management, man-hours, overtime hours, corrosion control, sludge disposal, electricity, polymers, fines and other expenses related to grease, sludge, and odor.  Micro-Solve® is a long-term, cost-effective wastewater treatment tool.

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