Welcome to EGSW – A Bioremediation Company

Environmental Group Southwest, established in 1999, is a group of environmentally conscious individuals working together with wastewater and water departments. We are a provider of proven solutions for challenges faced in the environmental industry with a focus on wastewater treatment. We offer tools for wastewater and water transfer, collection and treatment. We help prevent major problems related to grease and sludge buildup in the collection system and lift stations. Grease buildup correlates with destructive sewer gases, and sewer overflows. EGSW specializes in a solution called Micro-Solve® which attacks the problem at the root. EGSW’s long-term customers include cities, municipalities, prisons, school districts, hotels, grease traps, and independent water/wastewater management companies. EGSW is HUB certified and is a member of the WEAT Odor and Corrosion Management Committee.

We will help clean wastewater around the world and make safer living environments. We hope for a chance to earn your trust and your business!