EGSW Products

Micro-Solve® is 100% biodegradable organic ingredients designed to accelerate bacterial growth.  Micro-Solve® is not bacteria, enzymes or Drano-like emulsifier.

Odor-Solve is a filter system that combines a patently developed solution with a uniquely designed filter component attached to the odor source.

The Bubbler Mixer and Aeration System adds oxygen to the septic environment and mixes Micro-Solve® with the wastewater, devouring solid grease.

Inflow Defender Max™

Asset Management

Provides a variety of asset management tools that will identify your system’s assets, collect location and other important data about those assets, and then make that information readily available in a variety of formats so that it can be used for planning activities.

Odor Control Valves

LDL™ Valve Plug

LDL™ Clean-Out Valve