Slate Pages: Linking Assets to Information

Tag your assets with Slates™. Keep track, edit and organize.

It is frustrating when information is not accessible.

Stop wasting time looking for notepads and post-its, emailing spreadsheets, or battling your IT department. Your assets are out there in the world, and the information you need about those assets is somewhere out there too. Right now it’s written down or recorded in logbooks, spreadsheets, photos, or any number of places. Keeping that information relevant and up-to-date is a challenge, as is getting it into the hands of whoever needs it, when they need it.

With Slates, you’ll pull it all together and manage it.

Slates are tags that connect real “stuff” to digital information. Paired with the Slate Pages app, you will have the capability and flexibility to interact with your things in ways you’ve never considered.

OK… So what’s a Slate?

A Slate is a smart asset tag that features a unique QR code. When you scan the QR code using the Slate Pages app, you are sent to your asset’s Slate Page within your app or browser. If equipped with the necessary privileges, you can view and edit any relevant information such as the asset’s name, location, photo, and much more.

Slates guarantee essential information is always at your fingertips.

Slates can be updated live at the source with the Slate Pages™ app, and in the cloud simultaneously, ensuring that information stays with your assets and is always readily accessible.

Slate Pages for Fire Departments

Linking Information and Fire Equipment.

The Problem: NFPA 1852 details some good inspections guidelines and practices as it relates to SCBA. Correct Inspections, completed in the required frequency, can produce thousands of inspection sheets and forms. That is a ton of paperwork to manage! Maintaining this information is proving to be one of the most difficult parts of complying with the NFPA 1852 SCBA inspection program.

The Solution: For those who hate paperwork and all the stress that comes with it, welcome to the club. We hate it too! So with a slate and the slate pages app, drop your clipboards, pens and pencils. Start running paperless inspections. You will no longer have to look for lost paper, or spend hours sorting through inspection forms and filing them away.

Fire Departments across the country are using slates to track and inspect their equipment with ease. PAKs, Bottles, Apparatus, Hydraulic rescue tools, EMS bags, you name it. A Slate is a QR code printed on a custom fire-resistant sticker. Then with the Slate Pages app, scan the slate, add information and run your inspections. The information on each slate is then saved and copied to the Slate Pages website where you can view and manage all your equipment. Those who have converted to Slates™ no longer look for lost paper, or spend hours sorting through inspection forms and filing them away. And everything they need to know about a specific unit can be accessed immediately by scanning its Slate.


“That all sounds great – but I don’t have the time or money to invest in some asset management system.”

You can get started with just one Slate, and you can set it up with the app and view it on the web portal in under 5 minutes. Everything required is included in the purchase price of each Slate for life: no nonsense!

  • No software to buy:  That means no licenses or seats to pay for.
  • No subscription fees:  You own the Slate and the cloud access for life.
  • No add-ons or pay-to-play:  Slates™ come ready to go as advertised, no surprises.

Standard Per-Slate Pricing (Contact EGSW for Quantity Discounts)

  • Anodized Aluminum (2×3.5”), Sticker (1×2″), Sticker (2×3″), or JPEG (Emailed):  $25.00


Here are just some of the ways that Slates™ are being used to streamline asset management:

  • Log Books: Equipment owners and operators use Slates to track maintenance history, hours of operation, and pre-start checklists in a “records” field.
  • Map Views: Service & rental companies use Slates to visualize the locations of their assets on a map view, record photos of drop-off and pickup condition, and quickly identify an asset for customer support.
  • Inspections: Safety managers use Slates to track routine inspections of items such as AED’s or Fire Extinguishers, allowing them to ensure the inspection was properly conducted and all of their equipment is in working order.
  • Manufacturing: Equipment manufacturers use Slates to track production, provide customers with access to the correct and current manuals, and to provide installation or pre-start checklists required for warranty compliance.
  • Inventory: Slates are mounted to shelves, tool boxes, or part bins to track what’s inside. When something is consumed, update the quantity on the Slate. Or if it’s just being checked out, record who took it and when.
  • Digital Storage & Organization: Homeowners & landlords use Slates™ to store all of their appliance receipts, installation dates, manuals, warranty expiration, breaker-box layouts, and maintenance notes.